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When Morooka customer asked for greater side dump management, the company answered by going the "extra mile" and developed and introduced the all new Morooka MST 2200VDR.

Featuring a 360° revolving upper structure that allows that operator to deposit spoil exactly where needed. The next generation single handle controller makes operating the new machine effortless. By including enhanced hydraulics coupled with the Caterpillar Tier 4F, the new Morooka MST 2200VDR is in a class all by itself.

The MST 2200VDR is loaded with new features. The spacious cabin is ROPS Certified for operator safety and utilizes a seven inch digital information display   


that provides the operator with up to the second machine performance data. To increase jobsite safety the MST 2200VDR includes a back-up camera and heated remote mirrors as standard equipment.

Morooka Dimensions                              2200VDR
Length 19' 8"
Width 9' 8"
Height 10' 2"
Min. Ground Clearance 21"
Gauge 6' 8"
Track Width 33"
Length of Dump Bed 10' 9"
Width of Dump Bed 9' 6"
Weight (lbs.) 35,273 lbs.
Morooka Dimensions                             2200VDR
Fuel Cap. (gal.) 65 gal.
Engine Mfg, Caterpillar® 7.1
Tier 4F
Horse Power 250
Transmission HST
Maximum Load 22,000 lbs.
Travel Speed  (Low - High) 8 mph
Ground Pressure (empty) 2.6 psi
Ground Pressure (loaded) 4.8 psi


Safety & Performance Built into Every Morooka


Joystick Control

The next generation of carrier control is now here, with the rugged JS7000 Danfoss®  joystick. Designed for safe and durable operation.

ROPS Certified

Operator safety is greatly enhanced with ROPS certification of both the cabin and frame structure of the machine.

Remote Mirror

Job site safety can be as simple as knowing your surroundings. The heated/remote mirror is just another way Morooka keeps your safe.

Digital Display

The Danfoss®  Plus-1 video display not only provides the operator with an easy to use machine interface, but also provides an additional layer of safety with the standard back-up camera.


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